Breast Asymmetry

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Breast Asymmetry Correction

It is often said that a woman’s breasts are “sisters, not twins” as it is rare that we encounter a patient that has perfectly symmetrical breasts in size, shape, projection, and contour.

At times the asymmetry is so stark that a major reduction is needed on one side and an implant on the other side to achieve the desired symmetry.

Before and After Photos

The more commonly performed procedures to symmetrize breast and nipple position are variations of breast lift and placement of breast implants of different projections, shapes, and sizes. The breast lift can entail only a peri-areolar lift, a vertical only lift, a short scar Wise (anchor) lift or a traditional Wise pattern lift on the side of the larger or sagging breast and a smaller lift on the opposite side or a lift together with an implant to match the patient’s desired size. If the difference in size is not large enough to need an implant, it is possible to perform fat grafting alone to achieve the envisioned symmetry.