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A neck lift is a cosmetic procedure that restores the contours of the jawline and neck to a more youthful and well-defined appearance. Often combined with a facelift, this surgery can tighten the neck region, eliminate hanging skin and deep wrinkles, and remove fullness or lipo deposits (fat accumulation) from underneath the chin.

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The neck can give away signs of aging and make us feel uncomfortable with our appearance. Many refer to the excessive wrinkling and droopiness in this area as a “turkey neck” or a “turkey wattle”, less-than-flattering expressions that can take a toll on one’s self-esteem. Luckily, minimally invasive methods and improvements in surgical aftercare have enabled surgeons to create transformative, natural-looking, and age-defying results.To find out more about neck contouring in Beverly Hills, request a consultation with Dr. Mossi Salibian, a board-certified, award-winning plastic surgeon who prides himself in providing thorough and empathetic care. Contact Dr. Salibian’s practice by calling (310) 550-0750 or filling out this inquiry form. He and his staff will guide you through your next steps to regain the confidence of your youth.

About Neck Aging

The neck is not only a conduit for vital bodily functions but also a focus area of aesthetic beauty. Beneath the surface lies a complex interplay of muscles, skin, and connective tissues that bestow grace and mobility to the head and shoulders. However, the neck region is particularly prone to the effects of aging because of its thinner skin. With far fewer sebaceous glands, hair follicles, and sweat glands than that of our facial skin, it lacks the restorative and reparative capabilities of our facial skin. Exposure to the sun and the elements, lifestyle, diet, racial makeup, and other environmental or work-related factors like “tech neck” may further contribute to its laxity and wrinkling. Over time, collagen and elastin fiber production decreases, causing more lax skin that is unable to restore itself to its youthful form.

While significant changes do not settle in until later in life, the degradation of the skin’s support systems in the neck can begin as early as in our mid-30s. As the dermis layer weakens, the underlying fat can protrude and bulge more easily. Moreover, with weight fluctuations, the skin of the neck can more easily lose its elasticity. With a neck lift, patients can not only restore a youthful appearance but also enhance their facial definition and balance, ultimately boosting overall self-confidence.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Neck Lift? 

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The ideal candidate for a neck lift is a healthy, non-smoking individual with neck skin redundancy and muscle laxity. Patients with excess fat and good skin elasticity may benefit solely from liposuction. Dr. Salibian will tailor the procedure to the patient, using the most effective techniques to remove subcutaneous fat alone and/or address neck skin excess and laxity. Submental liposuction would be the procedure of choice for these patients.

Personal Consultation

During your consultation, Dr. Salibian will assess your overall health and listen and discuss your desires to formulate an accurate vision of the outcomes you want to attain. He will then outline his recommended surgical approach, and ensure that you understand the steps involved. If you have concerns about the preparation or recovery process, he will thoroughly explain the details, so that you will feel confident about your decisions.

For a thorough evaluation and a personalized explanation of your neck lift procedure, call Dr. Salibian’s Los Angeles location at (310) 550-0750 or fill out his online form, and a member of his staff will contact you within 24 hours.

Neck Lift Procedures

Many dramatic improvements can be achieved by only a single, small incision just under the chin for patients who have excess fat deposits and good skin elasticity, without hanging horizontal skin folds. With local anesthesia alone, Dr. Salibian can perform neck lifts in the comfort of the office instead of the operating room. A neck lift involves a combination of techniques to fully restore smoother, more youthful contours of the neck. It typically involves a variation of one or more of these procedures:


Dr. Salibian can use liposuction techniques to remove fat with tiny incisions that are only a fraction of an inch in diameter. Submental liposuction is the name of the procedure that addresses the fat located under the chin region. He will begin by applying local anesthesia and administering tumescent fluid, a mixture of lidocaine, saline, and epinephrine to numb the area and restrict bleeding. After this fluid settles in, Dr. Salibian will use a thin cannula (a special surgical instrument) to suction out the targeted fatty regions via the tiny chin incision, sculpting a slimmer profile. Cannulas for neck liposuction are only 2 mm to 2.5mm in diameter for fine contouring without leaving indentations or scarring. (1) For patients with significant neck fullness and fat underneath the platysma muscle, he will surgically remove the fat with the help of a visualization tool called a lighted retractor. After removing fat with this method, the lax skin will bounce back to a higher position, improving the neck’s profile and contours.


Platysmaplasty refers to tightening the underlying neck muscle that has separated at its center. The platysma muscle is a broad, thin, and superficial layer of muscle that surrounds all of the neck’s vital structures. As the muscle weakens with age, the natural separation at its center widens, the lax muscle fibers can cause vertical neck banding that looks like tightened tendons. Since the muscle travels to the lower half of the face, it can also loosen the appearance of the jawline. Dr. Salibian can resolve this problem by suturing either side of the muscle through an incision under the chin, creating a corset-like effect with the loosened and separated platysmal bands.


This part of the neck lift usually involves small incisions that follow the outline of the ear lobes and extend behind the ears. Through this opening, Dr. Salibian can tighten and lift the lateral or sides of the platysma muscle and at the same time lift the skin of the neck, remove the redundant or excess neck skin from behind the ears, and suture the existing skin to a higher position behind the ears tightening the appearance of the loose neck and restoring its youthful appearance.

Short Scar Neck Lift

Dr. Salibian may be able to perform a “short scar neck lift” through a 3 to 3.5 cm incision under the chin. With this method, he will not remove any skin, but he will make changes to the neck ligaments, fat, and platysma muscle to allow the skin to drape over in a more youthful way. (2)

Recovery and Results

Dr. Salibian and his staff will monitor your progress throughout your recovery to ensure you are healing well. Depending on the techniques used, you may require 1 week to 10 days of downtime. If your procedure involves modifications to the submandibular region (under the chin), you will have to wear a chin strap for the first week after your procedure. Dr. Salibian may place a thin surgical drain, which he will remove a couple of days after your procedure. Though there will be some swelling and mild bruising, many patients can conceal these effects with a scarf or makeup. For at least two weeks, you should minimize your activity levels and avoid lifting heavy objects to prevent undue strain and stress. You should see your results improve significantly within the first two weeks.

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures


A facelift elevates the mid and lower third of the face, eliminating jawline jowling and deep folds around the mouth and lifting the descended facial soft tissues. Many patients undergo a facelift and a neck lift simultaneously since they can involve the same incisions (around the ears) and complement the overall facial and neck rejuvenation. With a facelift, Dr. Salibian will reduce sagging and crepey skin and reposition the descended facial muscles and connective tissue by elevating and judiciously tightening the superficial musculo-aponeurotic system (SMAS) – a layer of connective tissue investing the delicate facial muscles. By addressing this, patients can reverse signs of facial aging by ten years or more. The facelift can eliminate jowling and the prominence of nasolabial folds and marionette lines while also elevating the cheeks.

Brow Lift

A brow lift is a procedure used to correct brow positioning and smooth out the forehead, which involves incisions behind the hairline. With this procedure, patients can expect to attain brighter, more alert-looking eyes that are unhindered by overly descended brows. It can also enhance the upper eyelids, providing more space for eyeshadow and liner and reducing overly hooded upper eyelid skin. Dr. Salibian can use a traditional incision approach or perform changes endoscopically (with tiny incisions hidden in the hairline, using a fiber optic camera and surgical instruments). The traditional approach involves a longer incision in the scalp and is best for patients with more advanced signs of aging as with significant forehead horizontal wrinkling.


Botox is an injectable treatment used to erase the lines of dynamic facial expressions, softening horizontal forehead lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet. Dr. Salibian can administer Botox to the facial muscles, altering the function of the way the muscles contract and relaxing the overlying skin as a result. Within the neck, it can correct the bowstringing of the loosened platysmal muscle fibers, smoothing out the neck contour. This treatment can last for 3 to 4 months before its effects wear off.


Kybella is an injectable treatment to dissolve fat cells in highly specific areas. The injections are made of deoxycholic acid, a naturally-occurring enzyme. Dr. Salibian injects this treatment into the submental fat pad, eliminating the look of a “double chin”. More than one treatment session may be necessary to achieve a result that is comparable to a submental liposuction.

Cost of a Neck Lift in Los Angeles

The cost of your neck lift will depend on the extent of the surgery, anesthesia, and facility fees that will lead to a high-quality outcome that meets your standards. During your consultation, Dr. Salibian and his team will help you understand the total cost and how each component will contribute to your outstanding results.

Call Dr. Salibian’s Los Angeles practice at (310) 550-0750 or use his online form to take the next step toward comprehensive neck rejuvenation today.


How do I know if I need a facelift or a neck lift?

Whether a patient needs a facelift or a neck lift will depend on the location and severity of skin and facial laxity in the lower face. For those with signs of aging in both the face and neck, combining a neck lift with a facelift can yield the most comprehensive and effective results.

Can a neck lift get rid of jowls?

While it does not directly treat jowls, a neck lift can significantly improve the appearance of the neck and jawline. A facelift is far more effective in correcting or getting rid of jowls. It requires subtle incisions that are well-hidden along the outline of the ears, similar to a cervicoplasty. 

Are there any non-surgical neck lift options available?

Cosmetic injections such as Botox can offer temporary improvements for platysmal banding, however, they will not address skin laxity or “tech neck.” Skin-tightening procedures and certain laser treatments may provide mild to moderate improvements in neck appearance and skin texture. A surgical neck lift provides a more comprehensive solution and longer-lasting results.

Can a neck lift help me get rid of “turkey neck”?

Yes, for individuals bothered by sagging skin along the neck and jawline, a neck lift can effectively tighten and lift the skin to create a more youthful profile. The procedure targets excess skin, loosened muscle, and fat compartments, resulting in a more defined and sculpted appearance.

How uncomfortable is recovery after a neck lift?

Following a neck lift, patients may experience tightness rather than pain. Discomfort typically subsides within about a week post-procedure. Our post-operative instructions will detail the recovery process and how to best achieve seamless results with minimal discomfort.


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