"It has been just a few months since my breast reconstruction surgery with a highly experienced doctor like you and htat completely changed my life.

You gave me back something that was taken away from me in the worst possible way. You made me feel like a woman and put a smile on my face again. I feel very lucky to have found a surgeon like you who is one of the best in his profession! What you did was actually a piece of art!

Everytime I came to your office you and Karisa made me feel so at home with your pleasant faces and smiles, your kindness and concerns and with putting so much time to listen to me and answer all my questions and helping me way beyond my expectations.

It is no exaggeration to call you the best of the bests, not only for your expertise but as a person. I wish you every happiness and will be looking forward to seeing you in the future."

Dr. Salibian Testimonia "To have the honor of knowing you – the most loving and precious human being and greatest physician of all – was the best thing that happened to me last year. My family feel the same. We feel lucky to know someone so special like you. Thank you for everything. We wish you the bset of everything in this new year and man happy and healthy years to come."