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Breast Lift & Augmentation, Dr. Salibian, West Hollywood

Breast augmentation with lift (mastopexy) is a comprehensive procedure that includes placement of breast implants as well as having a breast lift at the same time. This procedure will increase and accentuate the size of your breasts and elevate them to a more youthful, perkier position. Embarking on a journey of self-renewal, a breast augmentation with breast lift is an embrace of feminine empowerment, where surgical precision intertwines with the desire for a silhouette that mirrors one’s inner strength. 

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If you feel that a breast augmentation with lift may be what you need to feel like your most confident, attractive self, Dr. Mossi Salibian can provide you with an exceptional experience and long-lasting results you will love. Serving Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and the surrounding areas of Los Angeles, Dr. Salibian has over 20 years of plastic and reconstructive surgical experience, including complex and intricate breast procedures. 

To schedule your consultation today, contact his practice at (310) 550-0750 or reach out through his online inquiry form. Dr. Salibian and his staff foster an environment of professionalism and inclusivity, ensuring every patient feels heard regarding their aesthetic concerns. 

About Breast Augmentation with Lift Procedures

A breast augmentation with lift is a combination procedure that simultaneously elevates and increases the size of the breasts. Breast lift techniques can address loose skin, downward-pointing nipples and areolas, asymmetry, and other cosmetic issues related to shape. Most of all, the lift portion of the procedure elevates the breasts to counteract the effects of gravity, providing long-term and much-needed support for this transformative improvement. Patients can choose between a variety of implant sizes to achieve the most natural-looking results that flatter their overall body contour. 

Breast Implant Options

Choosing your breast implants is a highly personal decision that requires careful consideration. Dr. Salibian aims for the optimal balance between realism and safety, ensuring that each patient gets implants that highlight their natural beauty without posing complications. Depending on your needs and preferences, you will have many implant options to choose from: 

Silicone vs. Saline Implants 

Silicone and saline implants are two options for breast augmentation, each with its own set of advantages and considerations. With today’s advanced breast augmentation techniques, both types of implant produce excellent results, though silicone is the preferred option for most patients. Saline implants contain a silicone shell, but they are filled with a solution of sterile salt water. Silicone implants often provide a more natural look and feel, closely resembling natural breast tissue, which is one reason why they are more frequently chosen. They are pre-filled with silicone gel, which tends to have a softer and more realistic texture than saline. In contrast, a surgeon fills saline implants to the desired volume during the breast enhancement procedure itself. Studies have also revealed that although saline implants have many benefits, there are higher lifetime rupture and deflation rates, together with issues of over or underfilling the silicone shells with saline. (1)

If you plan to have children and breastfeed, both types of implants are considered safe and do not affect your ability to produce milk. Silicone and saline implants are safe to have during pregnancy. (2)  Breast implants, whether saline or silicone do not have a “shelf life” they can remain intact throughout one’s lifetime. Published literature shows that saline implants however do historically have an average of 5-10% leak rate after ten years. (3) Neither type however needs to be exchanged if they are intact and the patient is satisfied with the outcome. Regardless of the differences between saline and silicone implants, breast augmentation is a highly personal decision in which you and Dr. Salibian will discuss in detail the various pros and cons of each, your own unique body proportions, and your cosmetic expectations. 


Depending on your body shape and Dr. Salibian’s recommendations, there are different options for implant projection– how far they project away from the chest. Implants are designed in low, medium, medium-high, high, and extra-high projections. It usually depends on the amount of existing breast tissue, the chest wall diameter, breast volume discrepancies, and on chest wall projection discrepancies between the right and left halves of one’s chest wall. Dr. Salibian will study and speak with you about these anatomical details, and he will recommend the appropriate projection for you to achieve your vision and optimal outcome.

Implant Size 

Implants are measured in cubic centimeters (cc) and range from 150 cc to over 800 cc. Roughly speaking, 150 cc is equivalent to 5 fluid ounces. Since measuring an implant’s volume or size in cubic centimeters does not directly correspond with a specific bra cup size, Dr. Salibian will help you envision how each size may appear on your body and select a size, sometimes with differing volumes between the right and the left implant to achieve the best symmetry and your desired proportions.

Implant Shape

Anatomic implants are rarely used when a patient is having a breast lift with implants as the anatomic or shaped implants that have a tear-drop shape lack upper pole volume. Most patients who desire a breast lift with implants have sagging breasts; they lack the upper pole fullness and therefore a round implant is used to improve the lack of projection at the upper pole as well as enhance the cleavage where a breast lift with shaped implants would not successfully address these issues. There are exceptions however and they will be individually discussed. 

Smooth vs. Textured

Textured implants are universally slightly firmer in consistency than smooth shell implants. They do have specific indications and advantages. However, after Allergan’s withdrawal of their Biocell textured device out of an abundance of caution, Dr. Salibian uses mostly smooth implants and reserves textured implants (those made by Mentor or Sientra) for specific indications, mostly in the reconstructive setting or in patients with a history of recurrent capsular contracture. 

Subpectoral vs. Prepectoral Placement 

Dr. Salibian strongly recommends subpectoral implant placement or more accurately dual-plane over prepectoral placement for various reasons. This placement:

  • Allows for greater blood supply to the breast skin and nipples especially when a breast lift is being performed at the same time as placement of breast implants
  • Reduces the likelihood of capsular contracture in the future.
  • Results in a more natural appearance to the breasts with improved upper pole fullness especially in a thin patient with sagging breasts. 

This method of placement yields the best results for slimmer patients with smaller breasts. It also allows for easier and more accurate mammogram screening and better preserves a woman’s ability to breastfeed. Moreover, research reveals that subpectoral placements are associated with lower rates of seroma and infection. (3)

Ideal Candidates for a Breast Augmentation with Lift

Breast augmentation with lift is an excellent procedure for women who are non smokers,  have lost their breast volume after weight loss and pregnancy or breastfeeding and their breasts have sagged and appear deflated. 

Personal Consultation

During your consultation with Dr. Salibian, he will go over the details of your procedure and implant options so that you will be able to make an informed decision. Dr. Salibian uses the most advanced and safest techniques to facilitate seamless recovery and quality results. During this initial appointment, you will have the chance to ask questions concerning the surgery itself, preparation, and aftercare instructions. 

To find out more about Dr. Salibian’s approach, please call his Los Angeles office at (310) 550-0750 or inquire using our online form. A member of his staff will be happy to assist in scheduling your consultation. 

Breast Implant Insertion and Lift Procedure Steps 

After the anesthesiologist administers general anesthesia, Dr. Salibian will make one of three main types of incision that he will discuss with you during your consultation: 

  • A periareolar or a “Benelli” incision mastopexy (breast lift), is where the excess and stretched areola and skin are removed as a “donut” and the surrounding breast skin is gathered in towards the smaller nipple-areolar complex. The resultant incision therefore is only at the junction of the newly reduced areolar border with the breast skin which heals excellently with minimal scarring.
  • A “Lollipop” Incision: Dr. Salibian will make a discreet incision that follows the outline of the areola followed by a vertical incision that goes straight down to the crease of the breast. This results in a vertical lift with tightening of the loose lower breast tissues.
  • An “Anchor” Incision: This incision type is specifically designed for women who have significant breast sagging that requires correction. (4) It consists of a lollipop incision with an added horizontal incision hidden at the natural breast fold. 

Using either one of these incision techniques, Dr. Salibian will first place the implants in the pre-pectoral pocket and then remove excess skin to complete the breast lift portion of the procedure. You may require surgical drains so that the tissue can relieve itself of any fluid buildup. The drains will be removed once ready during one of your post-op visits. 

Recovery and Results 

You should focus on resting in the initial stages of your recovery. During the first few days, you may require prescription medications to alleviate discomfort. Your consultation and post-operative instructions will detail your recovery regimen. During your first postoperative visit,  Dr. Salibian will remove your surgical dressings and you will have the opportunity to see your immediate post-operative results. At first, your breasts will appear to be fuller at the top and tighter at the bottom. Gradually, the swelling will subside and your implants will “drop” into a more desired and permanently uplifted state. You should expect to see your final results, without residual swelling, around 4 to 6 months

Cost of a Breast Augmentation with Lift in Beverly Hills

The cost of your breast augmentation with lift procedure will depend on the type of lift that one needs and the estimated operative time. Sometimes revision breast augmentation with lift and breast symmetrizing procedures that require breast lift sometimes on one side and not the other side with different sizes and shapes of implants will add more intricacies and time than do straightforward breast augmentation and lift surgeries. Dr. Salibian and his staff will be sure to cover all of these factors at the time of your consultation. If you are ready to consider the unique benefits of a breast augmentation with lift, contact Dr. Mossi Salibian at (310) 550-0750 or online today. 


How customizable is a breast augmentation with lift procedure?

With breast augmentation with lift, you have the opportunity to choose the type, size, and shape of your implants, as well as your preferred incision placement allowing for personalized results that align with your aesthetic goals.

What are the risks associated with breast augmentation with lift procedures?

As with any surgical procedure, breast augmentation with lift carries certain risks and potential complications that will be thoroughly discussed with you during your consultation. In a breast augmentation alone the skin and breast incisions are minimized just enough to create the proper pocket for the implant to lay in; whereas when a breast lift is performed with the placement of breast implants, additional incisions are needed that can strain the blood supply to the overlying breast skin and nipples. Therefore the importance of choosing a well-trained and experienced plastic surgeon cannot be overemphasized to minimize the risks.  

Can I get the same results as a breast augmentation with lift with just a breast augmentation?

Not if you have sagging and pendulous breasts and downward-pointing nipples. 

How soon can I exercise after a breast augmentation with lift procedure?

Patients can normally resume normal daily activities within two weeks, but if you wish to engage in strenuous or physically demanding tasks, it is advisable to wait until about four to six weeks until you have fully recovered.

What type of anesthesia is required for a breast augmentation with lift? 

General anesthesia is administered. Dr Salibian works with a well-seasoned cadre of anesthesiologists who are responsible for your safety and comfort during the procedure. 


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