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New Patient Consultation

We work one-on-one with you to create the best results

Beverly Hills

By scheduling a one-on-one consultation, you will gain more information about the full range of plastic surgery available and the best procedures to meet your own vision and expectations.

At the end of the consultation, a literature packet will be provided to you detailing the recommended procedure, alternatives, expectations, pre-operative preparation and post-operative care instructions. Helpful information is also provided with respect to the experience of having surgery, some of the psychosocial aspects as well as the short and long-term recovery guidelines.

In addition, you will be able to sign on to TouchMD to see a series of animated illustrations and further explanations of several of the procedures in a video format. This useful visual aid will further help you to watch and understand in more detail how procedures are done. You will have your own user ID and password to log on to this confidential network and see your before and after photos and the gradual transformation achieved in the ensuing months and years.

If preferred, a second consultation is welcomed and at times encouraged prior to the actual date of the procedure. Usually two weeks prior to the surgical date, there is a pre-op appointment where consent forms are signed, pre-op medical clearance and pre-op labs are reviewed and copies are sent to the anesthesiologist and the surgical center. During the pre-op appointment, the procedure is again reviewed and all questions are fully addressed and answered. At this time payment is also collected towards the procedure if not done so previously.


Our practice is out-of-network with all commercial insurance companies. However, as a courtesy to our patients, we will bill as an out-of-network provider for our PPO clients and as per individual patient’s health plan guidelines.

We are a participating provider with Medicare.


We offer financing through Care Credit. Use the link below to apply.