"Dear Dr. Salibian,

I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Mossi Salibian for any cosmetic procedure that requires the subjective good taste and foresight of a first-rate artist combined with the skill and experience of a first-rate physician.

Uncomfortable my whole life with respect to the procedure I would be inquiring about, I didn’t tell anyone about my appointment with Dr. Salibian. But I never felt alone. Dr. Salibian was my rock throughout; he kept my spirit up and my anxieties at bay. The first time I met Dr. Salibian, he patiently answered all the prepared questions with the concise fluency of an expert, yet with the careful enthusiasm as if the opportunity to earn my trust as a patient was an important to him as it was to me.

Dr. Salibian made me feel more comfortable than just about any doctor I’ve ever had. Such a decent human being, he responds naturally to every moment with just the right emotional response whether it be good humor or solemn listening. Throughout and after my procedure, his care exceeded my highest expectations.

The results of my procedure also exceeded my highest expectations. Even the veteran operating room nurse approached me after my procedure to tell me what a good doctor, Dr. Salibian is. Additionally, everything Dr. Salibian said regarding how my body would appear and feel like during the healing process and after actually came to pass; he was right about everything. Actually, I never had anything to fear.

Knowing what I know now about Dr. Salibian, I would trust him to do any medical procedure he told me was confident in being able to do on me or anyone I love.

In short, Dr. Salibian’s skills and humanity both as an artist and as a physician far exceeded my highest expectations.