Poland’s Syndrome

Replace your missing pectoral muscle.

Poland’s Syndrome is a congenital condition predominant in men which is characterized by the absence of a large portion of the pectoralis muscle. The missing portion is most often part of the sternal musculature but may also include the surrounding muscles. In these cases, it is not unusual for the nipples to be disproportionately small or even entirely absent.

If you are a man suffering from Poland’s Syndrome, we can restore the natural appearance of your chest. The most straightforward procedure we use to correct the chest wall deformity is by placing a custom made silicone implant where the pectoralis major muscle would be. Depending on your particular condition, your physical features, and health status, we can customize the many options available to ensure your results are optimized to your needs. For example, we may find that transferring the latissimus dorsi muscle from the back to replace the muscle in the chest would be more beneficial than using an implant.

Poland’s Syndrome is occasionally found in women as well. For women, the deformity affects the breast and nipple to varying degrees. For male patients, we offer many corrective and reconstructive options including the use of a latissimus dorsi flap together with overlying skin from the back to restore the breast and construct the absent muscle. During such a procedure, we will also ensure that the final results achieve a symmetrical appearance in breast size and shape by using an implant, when necessary, to match the opposite breast. There are other options available for women to reconstruct the absent or under-developed breast(s) which are similar to breast reconstruction techniques.