Mid Face Lift

Raise your cheeks and mid face for a more youthful look.

In youth we have a shorter distance between the lower eyelash line and the mid cheek. With time and gravity the mid cheek descends, hence often a mid face vertical lift procedure – usually done in the subperiosteal plane (deep plane) repositions the cheek and mid face. This improves both the mid facial descent as well as the lower eyelid hollows.

If the lower eyelid skin laxity needs to be addressed at the time of a mid face lift, then an eyelash incision is made to correct both the position of the mid face as well as the excess lower eyelid. This incision heals without visible scars.

Endoscopic Mid Face Lift
In patients where the lower eyelid does not need to be surgically addressed, an endoscopic approach alone is used to reposition the cheek and mid face. The incisions are hidden within the temporal hairline and a counter incision is made inside the mouth to assist in easy repositioning of the mid cheek and face.

The unique advantage of this approach is that the incisions are tiny and hidden in the hair line and there is minimal numbness or bruising if at all. In general the recovery is faster in an endoscopic mid face lift than in the traditional face and neck lift. However, the swelling at the mid cheeks persists somewhat longer than in traditional approach.

Fat transfer is often used in conjunction with mid face lift both in endoscopic or traditional techniques. The fat grafting improves the volume loss caused by ageing that a simple repositioning of the cheek tissues will not address.