Harmonize your facial features.

The nose is the central and most prominent facial feature for both men and women. It is a major factor in defining the balance and harmony of the face. When the nose if out of proportion with other facial features or it simply does not complement the face, it can affect ones self-image and confidence.

Because of its prominence, the nose is also the one feature that is easily be noticed by others. Even the non-trained eye can identify poorly done rhinoplasty. Because of this, I am extremely careful in discussing the absolute specific desires of each patient so the final outcome will best match the patient’s features and enhance the facial harmony of that specific individual.

Revisional Rhinoplasty
The long term final outcome of a primary (first ever) rhinoplasty and for a revisional (secondary) rhinoplasty depends on the correct surgical approach, which will be determined based on the problems to be addressed and the desired change expected by the patient. The approach is best determined by findings during the office consultation and evaluation. Sometimes the final decision includes further studies such as a CT scan to evaluate the deeper structures.

Procedures to correct nasal deformities range from the minimally invasive “closed” septorhinoplasty approach to highly involved procedures, such as the use of rib cartilage grafts to improve both the cosmetic appearance as well as the functional (breathing) capaibilities.

Recovery Time
The actual operative time for nasal surgery ranges in hours depending on the complicated nature of the issues to be addressed at the time of surgery. Pain and discomfort are surprisingly low compared to most patient’s expectations. Patience in allowing the operated nose to take on its final shape and contour is an important factor in being completely satisfied with the final outcome. While breathing difficulties will improve soon after nasal surgery, the final cosmetic appearance takes longer to heal because of swelling within the intricate and tightly spaced nasal structures and tissues.

Sometime non surgical approaches may be used to improve the appearance of the nose or to correct mild skin irregularities or depressions. Recently Restylane, Juvederm and Radiesse have all been successfully used in this arena.