Improve the visible signs of ageing on the face and neck.

A facelift or rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that includes endoscopic, minimally-invasive or short incision techniques depending on the patient’s needs. Most patients are reassured to learn that a facelift will not change their basic appearance, but will simply restore them to a younger version of themselves that will continue to age naturally over time.

Besides facial descent and volume loss, many people are concerned with sagging and loose skin around the neck. In most instances, we use a combination of tightening of the neck muscles and removal of excess neck skin as well as liposuction, which removes unwanted fatty deposits. This sculpts the neck and gives it a nicely contoured and young appearance. All incisions are carefully designed to keep them well hidden and imperceptible.

Other procedures commonly performed with a face and neck lift are the brow or forehead lift, which elevate the heaviness and sagging as well as the deep furrows of the brow and forehead; eyelid surgery to rejuvenate ageing eyes; and procedures that address facial skin tone, texture and pore size; such as laser facials and laser to eliminate facial blood vessels and brown spots.

In many instances the use of Sculptra or other means of volume restoration such as fat transfer will further extend the longevity of a facelift even when performed several years after the initial facelift.