Expander/Implant Reconstruction Patient 7

Unilateral tissue expander breast reconstruction / contralateral symmetrizing sub pectoral augmentation with peri areolar lift / nipple creation and tattooing.

59 yo 5′ 9″ with previous unsuccessful breast conservation treatment who elected to undergo completion left mastectomy and same time tissue expander breast reconstruction. Tissue expander was placed with full muscle coverage and gradually expanded in the office allowing the deep scars along the lateral chest wall to stretch and accommodate the final implant. Second stage – exchange of tissue expander and reinforcement of her inframammary fold and replacement with contour profile 600 cc saline implant and contralateral (right) breast sub pectoral symmetrizing augmentation with a peri areolar breast lift using 310cc moderate profile saline implant to achieve the best symmetry in volume and shape. Third stage – patient had the left nipple created and later tattooed to match the right nipple. Note patient had severe keloiding at epigastric and mid abdominal region from a previous laparotomy which improved with serial injections of Kenalog and excision at time of tissue expander exchange to her permanent implant. Patient achieved an acceptable symmetry in overall volume, shape, projection and appearance.

Breast Reconstruction

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Breast Reconstruction Breast Reconstruction
Breast Reconstruction