Nasal Reconstruction 1

Staged nasal reconstruction Stage I and Stage II – use of rib cartilage for framework and support, paramedian forehead flap for skin cover and cheek flaps for nasal lining.

43 yo with history of nasal traumatic injury resulting in absence of nasal tip and gross deformity of nasal shape and collapse of airway. Patient underwent staged nasal reconstruction.

Stage I – Creation of nasal tip lining with tissue from the sides of the cheeks (bilateral nasolabial turnover flaps), harvest of rib cartilage graft to recreate nasal dorsum, tip, supporting structures for the airway both at the inner nasal passages and tip, and creation of forehead flap for coverage over the created nasal framework.

Stage II – Division of the forehead flap and harvest of additional cartilage, from left ear to create further definition to the nasal tip and rim.

Stage III – Would have been further refining and shaping of the tip and camouflaging the scar.