Breast Augmentation 9

Breast Reconstruction for severe bilateral Tuberous Breast Deformity with asymmetry in nipple position – Silicone gel implant breast reconstruction / breast augmentation.

20 yo 5′ 6″ 160 Lbs with congenital severe tuberous breast deformity. Note severe tightness of chest wall and breast envelope such that small amount of breast tissue that she does have is confined to the retroareolar space only. Note also nipple areolar asymmetry. Her condition was reconstructed to the present appearance in a single stage with the use of subpectoral silicone smooth round High Profile gel implants 450cc via a periareolar approach to also symmterize her nipple areolar position. The constricting fibrous bands were surgically released allowing the glandular breast tissue to lie in its natural position. Note the postoperative curvature of the inner and outer breast, cleavage, nipple position and improved symmetry. Pre op Bra 34 A- (padded) – Post op Bra 34 C; 450cc silicone gel round smooth high profile shape.